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I do love the fact that my male writer is totally attempting to give the male-preferring readers some fanservice after swearing that the most undressed Tali would get was taking off his Sickening Thuds jacket. Bless.
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I just want to thank everyone who stopped by my table this past weekend, whether for purchases or a chat or just a card-snag. Thanks for watching me on here, and I'm hoping to turn around some more interesting art as I go along.

At the moment, I'm going through a few of my submissions on here to decide which would make interesting prints for future cons. If there's something on here you'd definitely like on your wall, leaving a comment wouldn't go amiss, as it'd help me narrow down my choices. Someday I'd like to have books and books full of prints. For now, I'll do however much my colour printer cartridges let me without eating all my money.
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I have no more conventions until November, so I'm getting things done in the meantime. I've tossed a few more pics up online -- the Princess Twilight one was a request from Intervention, and I may or may not make it into a print.

ConScrew Vol. 3 is very nearly done on my end -- I just need to put text on some new interior pages and format the existing pages that will go into it. After that, I'm sending it off to my publisher and it's his problem. The magical girl book is nearing completion, too.

Also also, I have started doing an occasional video blog, so go to my channel to see what I'm up to if you so desire.
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So Intervention was a lot of fun, as always. Thanks to those of you who stopped by my table, whether to buy stuff or just to look. I hope you like what you see.

Right now I'm digging in on some book work that fell to the wayside. ConScrew 3 (yes, still/again) and my magical girl retrospective simultaneously. I'm hoping to get them done soon so I can Kickstart them and make them available to interested readers. It's a hellish hell of a lot of work, but I'm getting there. Hoping to put some more previews up on here as time goes on, and make some of them available as prints at cons.

Please keep liking and following ... your love keeps me alive. That and tea.
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Thanks to those of you still following me through my relative silence.

In October, I had two big life changes -- I had major surgery (which may quite literally have saved my life), and my grandmother, the woman who adopted/raised me, died at the age of 82 after her battle with pancreatic cancer.  I've heard from several of my readers and you've all been super-awesome and sympathetic and lovely.  And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I did two conventions in November, and I believe I may have wrangled a few new followers from there.  So, y'know, hello and all.  MarsCon is my next, 18-20 January, and I will be at Katsucon next month.  As far as I know I'll have tables at both, so please come see me.

By Katsucon, I should have the first Seraph Shell book ready to go in print (the proof is on its way, hopefully).  At present I'm pricing it at $10, which -- at 230 pages and extra print-only content -- seems like rather fair.  I'm also working on an art/reference book that will be ready when it's ready, basically ... I've put up a couple of pages from it here recently.

Every con, I get asked about ConScrew 3, and the truth is -- at this point, it's well out of my hands.  The content that would be in it involves the Fragile Gravity crossover, and we both need to give each other our respective content and comments.  Barb and Chris are busy bees lately, but as soon as we get it sorted out, I will try and get things underway.

Oh, and I have an Etsy store now.  That should make all our lives easier.
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It was great to see so many people come by the table -- if you picked up a book or three, I very much hope you enjoy them!  I'm going to try to keep more art coming on this page and not let it lie stagnant like I have lately.

My next convention will be Nekocon (though I will only be there for part of it), followed by Anime USA.  A week from today, I will be going in for surgery, so activity may be a bit light everywhere next week.  Stay tuned for my strange artings.
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One surgery down, one more to go ... been busy getting books ready, taking care of my grandmother, and doing my real-world job ... but theoretically I'm still gonna be using my dA.

If I can remember to.
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Thanks to everyone who entered the fanart contest.  Lots of entries to choose from.  Made my choosingness very difficult, but hopefully I did right by all the entries in the end.

Next weekend (not this coming) is Intervention up in MD -- more information at  I'm a guest again this year, and will be selling books and shiny things which you may buy and own.  I may be doing panels.  I'm not sure.  A lot of real-world stuff has been getting in the way of things.

I have one or two commissions I'm handling, and a couple of you have prodded me re: being interested in seeing stuff I keep SAYING I'll do but never actually do.  I did have that big art-dump recently, but there is more on its way.

For now, reminders:

My Tumblr:

My personal Twitter:

My art/comic Twitter:

My actual sites: and

If you're coming to Intervention you can hit me up for commissions there, or you can ping me here and we'll discuss pricing - $5 for sketch, $10 for ink, $20+ for colour depending on the complexity/number of characters.

I also take long-term multiple commissions: see for my most regular client.

I need something more interesting to say.
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Okay, kids, radio is having a fanart contest.  Draw the mascot (designed by myself), win stuff like DVDs and $100 GCs to GameStop and iTunes and stuff.

Full rules here:

Entries close 21 August at 11:59 PM.  Get down with your bad selves and enter.
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Okay, basically it's time for me to start trying to fund my next book, which'll be Volume 3 of ConScrew (yeeees, I've had a lot of people asking about this -- I's working on it).  A print run of 50 usually costs me about $300, but it's gonna be a little more this time because I may have to get some professional HD recovery done to get the book OFF my wrecked drive and/or my wrecked backup drive.

Thus, here's what I can do for ya.

Single character, pencil ~ $5
Single character, inked ~ $10
Single character, colour with no background or basic background (hearts, sparklies, shading, etc.) ~ $15
Single character, colour with complex background (buildings, interiors, exteriors, etc.) ~ $20
More characters ~ Haggle

With that last one, I'll price based on how complex what you want is.  If you want three simple chibi characters with hearts and stars around 'em, I wouldn't be charging you as much as, say, someone who wanted two highly stylized characters with some sort of setting around them.

I've got no problem drawing stuff above a PG-13 rating, but please don't request, say, any flat-out guro or anything that'd get me arrested in multiple states and/or banned in Japan.  If I genuinely have a problem with something you want me to draw I'll say so, but you'll find that basically that applies to anything that's Just Plan Bad And Wrong.

Fanart's fine.  Original characters are fine.  Just be prepared to supply references so I can draw 'em right. ♥

And if you like my stuff, tell your friends.

Once I start getting a bit of moneys in, I'll put up a meter or summat.
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I'm gonna start uploading a handful of pics I've done before Ravencon.  I don't have a table at aforementioned Ravencon, but I will be there.  See me Friday night doing improv with Luna-C (actually, I'm hosting, because I currently have a bum knee and sitting behind a desk is the best thing for me), and doing sketch comedy with them Saturday night.  Beyond that, I'm not entirely sure.  My overseas trip combined with my doctor-y office-y visits seem to have made me miss panel sign-up deadlines.

I also got some nice Prismacolors for my birthday, and I intend to experiment with them shortly.  If the results are decent, I'll share them and sell some as well.

Considering setting up for commissions.  Would be interested to know if anyone would take me up on that.  Just for a bit of cash on the side. ♥
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Hello New Followers

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 19, 2011, 6:58 AM
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I'm catching up to some post-con stuff, including sewing and cleaning, but I've got some new art in the works.  No fear.  ♥

Thanks to everyone who said hi to me at MarsCon and started following me.  I promise I'll bring you some new stuff over the coming weeks leading up to Katsucon -- I'm planning on some more race queens and some fanartification, though I can't guarantee any sort of schedule.

If you'd like something from me regularly, pop in on and for more webcomic updatery than you can possibly handle.  See you there!

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I'm Alive-ish!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 21, 2010, 9:21 AM
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It's been an interesting many months.  Work going funny, conventions eating my soul, personal/family issues eating my soul, health eating everything else?  Yeah.  Well, I'm trying to up my output once I've caught up to things.

Next conventions I'll be at are MarsCon in January and Katsucon in February, and as far as I know I'll have tables at each.  I'll be selling books, prints, pins, commissions, and whatever else I can get sorted between now and then.

In particular:
~ ConScrew Vol. 1+2
~ Sticky Wicket Vol. 1
~ Race queens (original and fanart)
~ Stuff with wings and hedgehogs on, though not at the same time

I'll be putting samples of prints up as I do them, so people can see what I have in store.  Please to be leaving comment-ness and let me know how things are looking.

Also, Cata totally starts in a little over two weeks.  I'm already planning my Worgen.

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One, finished 'Ashes to Ashes.'  Expect fanart?  I dunno, I'd have to think of something good.  On the one hand, I'm fairly known for lulzy stuff, but on the other, it was so super srs (and still gets me right here *points*) that I may not have it in me to goof on it yet.


Some friends have asked me for a series of 'Doctor Who' silly pics that I may or may not have time for.  I'm doing commissions and things right now, trying to get caught up on stuff, hence lack of new art except for fanart for ... 'Luther'?  Wat?  Okay.

Finally, guys ...



Seriously, I go out of my way to warn and avoid.  I HADN'T SEEN THE NEWEST DOCTOR WHO because I was OUT WITH FRIENDS ALL DAY.  I thought the interblag had figured out spoiler etiquette by now after 'Ashes' and 'Lost' and everything.  God.

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I've never had so many people favourite one thing of mine, much less over the course of 2-3 days.  Thank you!  Glad I have brought joy to many.

There may or may not be more like this.  Depends on how little sleep I get (and thus how punchy I become).  For this love I'm receiving, though, I may add some new stuff more often.
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Thanks, dA.  Thank you right to hell.

Besides which, even if I DIDN'T dislike Twilight so, there's no WAY I'd be Team freakin' Edward.

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I got to meet Paul McGann at Chicago TARDIS a month or so ago and have a long fan-squee chat with him.  By which I mean a mutual one -- we were talking 'Withnail & I ...' which is apparently his favourite thing he's ever done and he fanboys it as much as its fans do.  He about brainsploded when I showed him a rock I'd retrieved from far-off Sleddale Hall.  This has actually made my 8 fanart more entertaining because after having talked to him for a good however-long and seen him at panels, I discovered that the role was completely N.A.R. and HE REALLY IS LIKE THAT.


Prepping to send the last 'Sticky Wicket' Vol. I fixes to my publisher, and then I truly WILL have washed my hands of the thing.

Anyone who has not received communiques re: ... erm, anything ... will be hearing soon.  Sorry 'bout dat.
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I just drew something for a contest.  I'm not happy with it, but I was feeling silly.

Sticky Wicket I is officially at the printer.  That's all I know.

Also, ConScrew front splash page is getting a redesign soon, I think.

That's all.
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Hi to everyone I saw at Tigercon.  If you saw me there, please follow me and/or drop me a note so I can follow you!

More art will be coming forthwith.  I've got a lot on my plate right now commission-wise again (not that I mind at ALL).  Considering setting up to take commissions through here.  Any takers?  I might offer a discount for faithful followers or something.  I dunno.
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